The Ultimate Truth about Susan Boyle Weight Loss

Susan Boyle has been away from the limelight for a while now. Her comeback has been accompanied by some interesting news. She has actually lost two stone. Yes, it is not a rumor. She actually looks smaller in her before and after pictures. Let us delve more into Susan Boyle weight loss:

SuBo has had her share of low moments. She has had personal problems, a fight with her brother and has lost her sister. Her sister was a very strong pillar in her life, encouraging her and attending all her shows.

Her health has not made it easier for her either. She was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome which is what she cites as causing her to be unable to do live performances. The shocker however for her has been the type 2 diabetes diagnosis. It is in the interest of her health that she has lost 2 stone after her doctors advised her to do so.

But how did she do it? Did she hire a nutritionist to help her with her diet? Or hit the gym at age 55? Well, hers is simple. All she does is walk for 2 miles every day and reduce her sugar intake. She says sweeties and cakes are the “bane of her life”.

Susan Boyle’s weight loss has been one thing that she is extremely proud of. As aforementioned, she has had various challenges that have kept her out of the limelight. These challenges have made her behavior a bit erratic. Live shows would definitely not be a good idea in this state. In fact, in 2016 she had some very high profile cases where her behavior caused trouble. In one particular incident, she had to be led away by the police.

All is not gloom for Susan, as her weight loss photos show. She is planning to use this new milestone to woo someone she has been eyeing for a while. She also hopes to become a mom, maybe adopt a child.

Better still, there is no place like home. Boyle went back to her council house where she grew up. Here, she feels loved among neighbors who keep checking on her and helping her with some errands. She has been able to also connect with her former classmates who bullied her since her health condition was undiagnosed, then.

Keeping her strong Catholic faith has also been instrumental in her overcoming all these curveballs that life has thrown her.

As an artist, she released a new album in November 2016, A Wonderful World. The album is probably a depiction of the new life she aspires to. One of the songs is “When I Fall in Love”, a virtual duet with Nat King Cole. In the album, she also has a track dedicated to her bereaved sister and to other people who have lost their loved ones.

We do not know whether SuBo plans to shed some more pounds. What we know is that she will be sending her before and after pictures to someone she has been eyeing. She is also looking to turn her life story into a film. Maybe this will be another motivation for her to shed even more pounds, especially if she will be acting in the movie.

All we can say is that we are happy for Susan Boyle’s weight loss and hope that it will become a new source of joy and better things to come.

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  • 04/16/2017 at 9:04 pm

    You look great miss Boyle xx good on you x I’ve lost 5 stones but I done it by being very ill I’ve been in the hospital of and on since the new year I got home a week and a half ago it’s great to be home I would like to say well done on yer weight loss from Debbie in Bo’ness West Lothian Scotland .

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